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Rafting on the Dunajec

Rafting on the Dunajec River is an amazing adventure and one of the most special attractions of the Pieniny region. The Dunajec is a Polish and Slovakian river perfectly suited to rafting. The turbulent waters of this mountain river flowing through limestone gorges provide an exhilarating adventure for persons participating in Dunajec rafting. The limestone valley through which the Dunajec flows is none other than the popular Dunajec Gorge, as it is known in Poland and worldwide. The Dunajec rafting trip covers a distance of around 18 km and starts in the Inflatable Raft and Kayak Harbour in Sromowce Średnie and finishes in Krościenko nad Dunajcem. The beauty of this route is indescribable. Rafting down the rapid waters of the Dunajec in an inflatable raft is an excellent opportunity to admire the natural assets of the Pieniny. From the raft, the two most magnificent peaks of the Pieniny will be visible: Sokolica and Trzy Korony.

The trip lasts around 2 hours 15 minutes. Rafting may be organised individually, in a family group (adults accompanying children) and in organised groups (school classes, student groups, company employees).

We have a very flexible approach to group reservations. We take into account the possibility of changes in weather conditions and the number of participants signed up for Dunajec rafting.

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Inflatable rafting on the Dunajec

The Dunajec: one of the most picturesque rivers in Lesser Poland and a natural border with Slovakia. Surprising, beautiful, unpredictable, surrounded by the wild nature of the Pieniny. A wonderful proposal for everyone. An inflatable raft trip is a completely safe pastime that triggers positive emotions. We offer transport from anywhere in the Podhale, Spisz and Pieniny area.

Inflatable rafting (per person)


Inflatable rafting: + return transport upriver​ (per person)


Inflatable rafting: + transport from accommodation and back​ (per person)


Exclusive inflatable rafting for up to 8 people with an instructor (per person)
+ cost of transport up the river PLN 15 / person


Exclusive inflatable rafting for a maximum of 6 people without an instructor (per person)
+ cost of transport up the river PLN 15 / person


 * depending on the number of persons

Kayaking on the Dunajec

Kayaking down the Dunajec river is a fantastic experience for the whole family! Stunning views, proximity of nature and a rush of adrenaline make kayaking the perfect leisure activity.

Kayaking (per person)


Kayaking: + return transport upriver​ (per person)


Kayaking: + transport from accommodation and back​ (per person)


*  depending on the number of persons

Kayak rental

Our kayak rental in Sromowce allows you to hire a kayak to go down the Dunajec! Additionally you can use the services of an instructor for kayaking groups to introduce you to the world of paddling.


Under the watchful eye of our experienced, lively team both entertainment and sightseeing are guaranteed. Our irreplaceable coordinators ensure professional organisation! The option of organising a barbecue or campfire with sausages provides another excellent opportunity for spending time together. There is something for everyone.

Instructor for kayaking groups PLN 120/trip or free for groups of over


Mountain guide for groups of over 10 (max. 50) PLN 400 (per day)​

for 400


We are happy to inform you that we will be glad to help organise an overnight stay for you. Through our good relationship with guesthouses we can negotiate affordable group and individual prices.

Group offer

Looking for an interesting way to make traditional company integration meetings more attractive? Are your employees tired of run-of-the-mill parties and sit-down dinners? Or maybe you are organising a birthday party or want to spend some time with a group of friends, family or acquaintances more actively?

We provide

  • certified inflatable rafts by ROBFIN
  • supervision of a skipper
  • all skippers are Water Rescue Service (WOPR) lifeguards
  • paddles
  • professional equipment accident insurance
  • life jackets
  • helmets
  • Pieniny National Park entry
  • changing rooms
  • waterproof bags for electronic equipment

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